Stepped up measures in Texas to combat Swine Flu

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Sat May 2 14:33:27 MDT 2009

Absolutely right - statistcially insignificant.  However, the CDC 
can't make that assumption.  That would be irresponsible.  The 
problem is the media, which takes the CDC's necessary and serious 
regard and then extrapolates to the worst possible outcome.  Why?  It 
sells.  The media, and those who pay attention to it, feed on this.

On the other hand, a shifting virus is not something we should just 
ignore, either.  That would be nearly as irresponsible.  But if 
common sense were to prevail - but then, do any of us really believe 
such could happen?

While I do believe Biden is an idiot, I understand his remarks.  Flus 
and colds are transmitted freely in enclosed areas.  The virus has a 
captive audience.  That's the primary reason there are so many colds 
in the winter; more people stay cooped up for longer in enclosed, 
non-ventilated areas.

>Those numbers just point out the hysteria.  A week ago we had the 
>same numbers, which clearly means this is by no means anything 
>approaching the crisis the media, and the WHO, would have you 
>believe it is. 36,000 or so a year die from flu; what's happening 
>now is essentially noise level.

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