Stepped up measures in Texas to combat Swine Flu

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Sun May 3 08:56:27 MDT 2009

Other factors may be at play, such as cultural habits and the status of a individual's complex immune system.
Victor Frankel, who spent years in the Nazi concentration camps in wooden bunks that slept 15 men tightly packed, says that durning the period he never had so much as a sniffle.  There is a lot more to the spread of a virus than proximity and confinement.  When overwhelming disease microbes meet a lowered immune system, disease can thrive,   This helps explain why hospitals can be high risk zones for contamination.

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Flus and colds are transmitted freely in enclosed areas.  The virus has a captive audience.  That's the primary reason there are so many colds in the winter; more people stay cooped up for longer in enclosed, non-ventilated areas.

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