Stepped up measures in Texas to combat Swine Flu

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sun May 3 16:35:15 MDT 2009

William White wrote:
> Other factors may be at play, such as cultural habits and the status of 
> a individual's complex immune system.
> Victor Frankel, who spent years in the Nazi concentration camps in 
> wooden bunks that slept 15 men tightly packed, says that durning the 
> period he never had so much as a sniffle.  There is a lot more to the 
> spread of a virus than proximity and confinement.  When overwhelming 
> disease microbes meet a lowered immune system, disease can thrive,   
> This helps explain why hospitals can be high risk zones for contamination.

It's pretty clear that even if you get it, the swine flu is _very_ mild.

> --- On *Sat, 5/2/09, Stephen A. Frye /<s.frye at VERIZON.NET>/* wrote:
>     Flus and colds are transmitted freely in enclosed areas.  The virus
>     has a captive audience.  That's the primary reason there are so many
>     colds in the winter; more people stay cooped up for longer in
>     enclosed, non-ventilated areas.

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