Tearing down old houses

Jim kd7nnv at GMAIL.COM
Sat May 9 09:29:32 MDT 2009

This morning on Fox News they're talking about the tearing down of old 
houses that are no longer lived in because of people defaulting on their 
mortgages, economy going down the toilet, etc.  They said several cities 
are tearing down these older homes as part of some plan to stimulate the 
construction business.  When the economy improves and people want to buy 
houses again, new ones will have to be built because the old ones were 
torn down.

Some of the panel said it was a bad idea because some people won't be 
able to buy a new house but might be able to buy an older home.  Others 
mentioned the drug dealers that move into vacant homes and the threat of 
a fire getting out of control as a block or two of empty houses go up in 

So people, the question of the day is:

Is it a good idea for cities to tear down older, run down homes?

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