Fee-For-Service Instead Of Taxes?

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> > >          */This piece is very relevent in light of the TEA parties
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> > Jesus, I didn't think you were _this_ stupid.  But, apparently, you
> > are.
>          Alright, Mr. GENIUS.............just suppose you tell us
> exactly WHY you'd call me stupid when the author of this piece has
> more education than BOTH of us COMBINED! 

Now back to the topic.  I find the idea parallels some writing of Thomas
Sowell from years past.  Its a novel idea with some additional
protections against local governments adding their piece to things like
phone bills etc.  Perhaps the author was over general such as road fees
but that would be simple a flat fee regardless of vehicle or mileage on
a per year basis as the most fair.  Other states recognizing you have
paid the fee elsewhere to prevent border hassles etc.  Perhaps
professional truckers would pay a multiple state fee or some such.  the
real problem would be ridding ourselves of all other forms of taxation.
Certainly the DNC would not want to give up social control and terrorism
of the IRS so we might need a civil war first before trying this novel


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