Polls showing Obama as most polarizing President ever

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Released: March 24, 2009 

Those Saying U.S. Headed in Right Direction Continue to Increase, Now

However, Obama's Job Performance Drops Under 50% 

UTICA, NY - A March 20-23 Zogby Interactive survey shows 45% of likely
voters believe the nation is headed in the right direction, a gain of
five points from a similar survey completed on March 5. At the beginning
of the year, only 14% held that positive view.

However, President Barack Obama's ratings for job performance and
favorability did not improve over earlier this month. In the most recent
survey, 49% rate his job performance as excellent or good and 50% as
fair or poor (less than 1% were not sure.) That is a dip of three points
from the previous poll. The percentages who feel very or somewhat
favorable toward Obama remained unchanged between the two polls, with
55% now and 56% in the previous poll.

There are still huge partisan differences in opinions about Obama. For
example, 91% of Democrats rate Obama favorably, compared to 14% of
Republicans. On Obama's job performance, 87% of Democrats grade it as
excellent or good, compared to 9% of Republicans.

Sample size of the survey was 4,523, with a margin of error of  +/-
1.5%.  Margins of error are higher in sub-groups.

This table shows attitudes about the nation's direction from Zogby
Interactive polls this year:

Is the nation
headed in the
right or wrong

March 23

March 5

Jan. 26

Jan. 8











Not Sure





The movement toward "right direction" from January 8, prior to the Obama
Inauguration, to January 26 came from Obama voters, and that has
continued. For example, these are the increases in those choosing "right
direction" between the March 5 poll and this most recent one: Democrats
+9, Obama voters +8, liberals +7 and African-Americans +13. 

There has been virtually no change in the direction question among
Republican base voters. Choosing "right direction" in the most recent
survey were: Republicans 9%, McCain voters 5% and conservatives 6%.
Among Born-again Christians, 32% chose "right direction", an increase of
6 points from Jan. 26.

For a methodology statement on this poll, please visit:



Released: October 15, 2008 

Reuters/Zogby Index Dips As Focus on Economy Intensifies 

Survey finds President's job approval marks hit a new low of 21%;
Congressional job performance ratings fall back to record low of 9% 

UTICA, New York - The mood of Americans has fallen sharply this month as
the economy becomes an even greater concern among likely voters deciding
for whom to vote in the November presidential election - even as
President George W. Bush's job approval ratings hit a new record low of
21%, a new Reuters/Zogby telephone poll shows.

The Reuters/Zogby Index, which measures overall American confidence, has
dropped to 89.7 from 96.3 in September, but remains above the all-time
low of 87.7 that the Index hit in March. The Reuters/Zogby Index
includes 10 poll questions that gauge perception of the state of the
country and the economy. The telephone survey of 1,207 likely voters
nationwide was conducted Oct. 9-12, 2008, as the U.S. stock market
plunged late last week, but was completed before Monday's stock rally.
It carries a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points. 


































Economy far outweighs other issues among likely voters as Presidential
election nears 

The economy is far and away the most important issue among likely voters
in deciding for whom to vote in the November presidential election - 62%
of likely voters now cite the economy as their top concern, up from 50%
who said the same in September. No other issue even breaks
double-digits. That second-place issue, the War in Iraq, was identified
as most important by just 9%. The threat of another attack on the United
States (8%), healthcare (7%), the environment (2%), energy prices (2%),
or immigration (2%), were also cited as the most important issue. Likely
voters give Democrat Barack Obama a 47% to 43% edge over Republican John
McCain as the presidential candidate they believe can best manage the
U.S. economy. This is a reversal from September's survey, when McCain
was preferred among likely voters 47% to 45% over Obama as the best
candidate to manage the economy. 

Dissatisfaction with U.S. economic policy increased again this month,
with 92% of likely voters who now take a negative view the nation's
economic policy, up from 86% who said the same in September. Nearly two
in three likely voters (65%) give U.S. economy a "poor" rating. This
month's survey also finds a majority of Americans now give their
personal financial situation a negative rating (52%), an increase from
48% who described their financial situation as "fair" or "poor" last

Likely voters are even more pessimistic about the direction the county
is heading this month, with three in four likely voters (75%) saying
they now believe the county is headed in the wrong direction, compared
to 66% who said the same in September. Just 18% believe the U.S. is
headed in the right direction. Strong majorities of Democrats (84%) and
self-identified political independents (79%) continue to view the
country as headed on the wrong track, while the attitude of Republicans
has taken a sharply negative turn this month. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of
Republicans now believe the country is on the wrong track, compared to
just 38% who said the same last month.

President Bush's job approval marks hit a new record-low, while Congress
sinks back to its previous record-low ratings

President Bush's job approval ratings have hit a new record-low this
month of 21%, surpassing his previous record-low approval of 23% in May.
In September, 28% of likely voters rated the President's job performance
as "excellent" or "good." Positive job ratings from fellow Republicans
have fallen sharply from 61% in September to just 42% this month.
Favorable ratings from Democrats now stand at 6%, while 15% of political
independents give the President a positive job approval rating.

As the President's job approval ratings hit a new record low, job
performance ratings for Congress have again fallen to their previous
record-low of 9% it slipped to in August. The Democratically-controlled
Congress earns positive ratings from 13% of Democrats, a drop from 18%
who said the same in September. Republican approval has also fallen to
6% from 10% who said the same last month, while Congressional job
approval ratings from political independents held steady at 10%.

For a methodology statement on this poll, please visit:




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