Tearing down old houses

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sun May 10 14:55:00 MDT 2009

Jim wrote:
> This morning on Fox News they're talking about the tearing down of old 
> houses that are no longer lived in because of people defaulting on their 
> mortgages, economy going down the toilet, etc.  They said several cities 
> are tearing down these older homes as part of some plan to stimulate the 
> construction business.  When the economy improves and people want to buy 
> houses again, new ones will have to be built because the old ones were 
> torn down.
> Some of the panel said it was a bad idea because some people won't be 
> able to buy a new house but might be able to buy an older home.  Others 
> mentioned the drug dealers that move into vacant homes and the threat of 
> a fire getting out of control as a block or two of empty houses go up in 
> flames.
> So people, the question of the day is:
> Is it a good idea for cities to tear down older, run down homes?

If the homes meet the existing legal requirements for being torn down 
(as abandoned, an eyesore, a hazard to health, whatever) and the city 
can do it, yes.  But the impression I have is that it takes _years_ of 
abandonment, failure to pay taxes, etc., to do that.

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