Tearing down old houses

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sun May 10 14:56:38 MDT 2009

Jack Tomsky wrote:
> No it is not a good idea to tear down old houses.  They should be 
> repaired and used for families.  If occupied they won't be a fire 
> threat.  There are many decent people who lost their homes and their 
> jobs, because of the recession.  Rather than the streets they could be 
> assigned these homes.  

"Assigned"?  Who do you think owns those?  And what is this, the Soviet 

If done in as a block that would make more
> sense.  Their children would go to the local school and keep it open.  
> When they get jobs and can be financially responsible again, they can 
> stay or leave and more will take their place until the recession is 
> over.  The streets are not the answer. 
> Marilyn Tomksy <http://www.tomskystatistics.com>

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