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>  *[Well, Ernie's gonna blow a gasket when he sees this................but,
> the author raises some good points here. - JAQ:]
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Fascinating article, John!  Here's an excerpt from it, quoting secessionist
Timothy Pickering at the time of the Hartford Convention:

"The people of the East cannot reconcile their habits, views, and interests
with those of the South and West ... The Eastern states must and will
dissolve the Union and form a separate government."

Notice he says "dissolve the Union,"  not just secede from it.  It is a
fundamental precept of partnership law that any partner may dissolve the
partnership.  Could we apply this to the United States as well?  Is the
Constitution anything more or less than than a partnership agreement among
existing states?  I contend that Pickering is correct.  If ANY state
secedes, the United States will immediately cease to exist unlessand until
the remaining states re-form the partnership.

What say you all?

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