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Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Mon May 18 03:00:56 MDT 2009

William White wrote:
> The USA may be following the path taken by the old Soviet Union - going 
> broke and breaking up.  I can't help feeling that some of these present 
> "crisis" conditions are being engineered by our enemies, abetted, of 
> course, by the "useful idiot" contingent.

You know, whatever you want to call it, and despite all the bedwetters' 
idealism to the contrary, the world is always "run" -- globally 
influenced -- by one, or a very limited number, of countries.  It can 
either be us, or Russia, or China, for the foreseeable future.  I find 
it almost inconceivable, that given the histories of those three 
countries, what they have done and to whom, that anyone would want it to 
be one of the other two.

>     Dear Europeans (and greater World too)!
>     Congratulations, you got what you wished for. Obama is in power and
>     the Empirical Regime is over. I’m sure now that the once great
>     nation has been marginalized things will go much better for you all.
>     You no longer have to sweat the financial dominance of America -
>     that is over. Don’t worry about our trading platforms, the strength
>     of the dollar, the stability that our systems provided to the world.
>     You all are now on your own; no need to worry about our control of
>     the G7, our heavy presence in the World Bank, the foreign support of
>     almost every nation of the world. That is now over - we are broke.
>     No more worries about those pesky Americans thinking they are
>     better. Obama has now apologized for every horror we have ever
>     suffered anyone. Please let us know if he has missed someone, I’m
>     sure he’ll be glad to hop over on Air Force One and personally bow
>     to you. Also, please advise of any offense either supposed, real, or
>     manufactured by your media or ours and we will be glad to correct
>     that too. Have a qualm with how we handled something 50 years ago -
>     no problem, we’ll appoint a Czar to handle it. The amazing
>     historical leadership of the United Nations will now guide you
>     through any problems you may encounter. As America was paying for
>     better than 25% of the UN budget, please discuss amongst yourselves
>     how you might come up with that shortfall.
>     Military dominance - don’t worry about it. We will not only withdraw
>     from every Nation we have ever invaded, we will also furlow the
>     majority of our forces. We respectfully withdraw from Nato - that
>     body has become so masterfully effective on its own, we are clearly
>     no longer needed there either. Our bases throughout Europe - we’ll
>     just shut them down. This might be a great source of housing for any
>     homeless Europeans. We located those bases strategically throughout
>     the world to protect borders, now that is no longer needed - perhaps
>     you all could just open your borders and use the bases as a place to
>     gather and share your newly celebrated freedoms; now out from under
>     the heavy control of the burdensome US. I hear Putin is quite
>     anxious to cross over and become friends.
>     World Health - that responsibility is now in your hands. We are now
>     going to focus on making healthy Americans. We all know how
>     unhealthy Americans are, what with all the millions without
>     healthcare. We will now put every effort into making sure everyone
>     who doesn’t want to pay for their own health, gets a free ride on
>     the backs of those who consider it important. Need healthcare South
>     America (in case you are following this as well), simply sneak
>     across the border - we’ll be glad to cover you as our priority. We
>     are working on getting you all the right to vote and in exchange for
>     your support in 2012 we will be glad to bribe you with untaxed
>     labor, free healthcare, and priority consideration in joining our
>     Social Security system. All we ask in return is that you keep the
>     Democrats in power.
>     Africa - listen up; remember that AIDS initiative that Bush started
>     to reduce the occurrence and treat the affected? Forget about it,
>     we’re finished. I’m sure another great Nation will rise and help you
>     all out. Also, those cargo ships full of aid that the Pirates keep
>     attacking? Go ahead, our international support is over we won’t have
>     a fleet of Merchant Marines with cargo to take and we certainly
>     won’t have a Naval presence to stop you. Good Luck! Middle East -
>     I’m pretty sure your apology tour is coming up, so we won’t spoil
>     that great surprise! Perhaps Biden can take the ‘friendly’ Nations
>     and Obama can take the hostiles? Clearly we have wronged you all
>     most of all and I’m sure by withdrawing and apologizing a much
>     greater sustained peace may be accomplished. Please we would like to
>     add Al Jazeera to our Cable TV lineup so that we might share more
>     closely your views of the World. We’ll be releasing all wrongly
>     detained Gitmo citizens (which of course is all of them - shame on
>     Bush!) - this might be a fun new reality TV series you could create?
>     These are very popular here in America; you could follow them around
>     and see what life is like after wrongful detainment and torture at
>     the hands of the evil Empire. Jeff Probst has an open spot on his
>     Calendar - you could hold Tribal Council at one of our closed
>     European Bases maybe? A Million dollars to the detainee that can
>     form a friendship cell the fastest, though we don’t have much money
>     left, we will be glad to fund this from our Global Strategic
>     Appeasement fund….(Worlwide Unpleasantries Initiative….I forget what
>     we are calling the War on Terror these days, excuse me.)
>     Global Warming, now Damnit - we are just sick about this one. What a
>     burden we bear in knowing that the entire globe has been fatally
>     harmed by us? We are so sorry, but not to worry; I understand our
>     Governement will now focus on what we can do to stop this. For a
>     start we are going to run our Air Conditioners all summer with the
>     front doors to our homes wide open. We are giving up storing foods
>     as well and will commit the entire usage of our
>     refrigerator/freezers to cooling down this planet. I just hope its
>     not too late. We will no longer be purchasing any worldwide products
>     as we can no longer transport them in our trucks, trains and cargo
>     ships. China has advised that we can clean up the planet much faster
>     by using bicycles and walking for all transport. We will follow
>     their great leadership on the Environment as they never seem to get
>     sanctioned for harming the planet and we constantly do. We look
>     forward to maintaining their air quality and water clarity - this is
>     going to be great!
>     Speaking of China - now that our Government has adopted these
>     sweeping reforms we would like you to know our current plan. We
>     started to study that little Bolshevik revolution from a while back
>     and we think that was a great plan. Here is an excerpt from the
>     guidelines we are following - I think you all have Wikipedia - we
>     are following the playbook they outlined as the historical review of
>     how Socialism came about in the USSR. It goes something like this -
>     but feel free to read on through history: from Wikipedia:
>     “The Bolsheviks viewed themselves as representing an alliance of
>     workers and peasants and memorialized that understanding with the
>     Hammer and Sickle on the flag and coat of arms of the Soviet Union.
>     Other decrees:
>     The Russian banks were all nationalized.
>     Control of the factories was given to the soviets.
>     Private bank accounts were confiscated.
>     The Church's properties (including bank accounts) were seized.
>     Wages were fixed at higher rates than during the war and a shorter,
>     eight-hour working day was introduced.
>     All foreign debts were repudiated. “
>     Since we believe fully now in complete disclosure of our Military
>     tactics and government plans we would like you to pay particular
>     attention to that last part. You are our greatest creditor - thanks!
>     We have appreciated it - just love your goods. Walmart would please
>     like an even greater line of credit if you have it. When this great
>     new Obama administration nears the end of the great plan we are
>     undertaking we would just like to go ahead and let you know our
>     final move - its right there in the history I provided, yeah, that
>     last line. We will be denouncing our debt to you - we hope you don’t
>     mind. We feel this is a necessary move to bring about the full
>     Socially enlightened era we are embarking on. We so hope that you
>     don’t get angry with us. We will have no military left, but I’m sure
>     our newly appeased friends in the world will come to our defense
>     should you decide to invade to get your money back. Chavez and
>     Castro are currently working on our defense plans now - they just
>     love us and they have our backs.
>     Sincerely,
>     The Wrong, humbled and now much wiser supporters of anyone who tried
>     to run against Obama and failed. We would gladly have supported the
>     Clinton ticket - she’s not half so bad as we thought. 

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