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I agree.  Yet the fellow traveling international socialist movement continues to plan and execute, if not always with efficiency, at least with pernicious persistence and, in spite of the inherent evil of their statist aims, with surprising wins (e.g. the election of the TOTUS).  Those folks dedicated to individual freedom are naturally appalled at these successes, but tyrants and demagogues have crushed freedom in the past and no doubt will attempt to do so in the future.  Those who celebrate the triumph of statist (left-wing fascist) rule are  seeking  either autocratic power (the few) or respite from the stress of crisis (the exploited public).  The political histories of Germany in the 20th Century and of the city states of ancient Greece provide clear historical examples of these vicissitudes.
The USA is in the throes of a giant upheaval.  Rough seas ahead mates.

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William White wrote:
> The USA may be following the path taken by the old Soviet Union - going broke and breaking up.  I can't help feeling that some of these present "crisis" conditions are being engineered by our enemies, abetted, of course, by the "useful idiot" contingent.

You know, whatever you want to call it, and despite all the bedwetters' idealism to the contrary, the world is always "run" -- globally influenced -- by one, or a very limited number, of countries.  It can either be us, or Russia, or China, for the foreseeable future.  I find it almost inconceivable, that given the histories of those three countries, what they have done and to whom, that anyone would want it to be one of the other two.

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