NAFTA Causes Mexican Misery And Illegal Immigration

Carl Spitzer cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Tue May 19 19:57:34 MDT 2009

Looks like Rush was wrong about NAFTA.

NAFTA Causes Mexican Misery And Illegal Immigration
President Obama has wisely given up smoking - perhaps he can bring
similar rationality and good judgment to our NAFTA economic displacement

By doing so - halt the political chicanery of labeling it as simply an
immigration issue.

Thanks largely to NAFTA and the deceptively named "Freedom To Farm
Bill", millions of Mexican farmers has been forced off their land. To
make matters even worse, since US agribusiness has jumped on the
ethanol-from-corn bandwagon, people in Mexico can’t even afford corn
tortillas, a staple of their diet for generations.

The above hardship leaves poor Mexicans the choice of living in
desperate conditions at home or violating US immigration laws for the
opportunity to be exploited by various US corporate interests. Further,
as people working under false identities, devoid of normal work place
rights the undocumented immigrants suppress the wages or eliminate the
jobs for competing American labor. 

Our public and political discussion on the above problem is reduced to
an often vitriolic and evasive debate over "Illegal Immigration." The
debate is evasive in that it is still taboo in the US to recognize and
discuss Illegal Immigration and NAFTA as the co-joined siblings of a
cruel and worsening economic displacement problem.

Discussing Illegal Immigration and avoiding a discussion of the "Trade
Laws" that cause it is like a smoker complaining about "shortness of
breath" but insisting that his cigarettes are an unrelated issue , and
more , that his breathing would be even worse but for the beneficial
respiratory exercise he gets from smoking. 

As most "Baby Boomers" recall , tobacco companies once claimed some
healthful benefits for smoking, so the analogy is certainly apt ,
motivationally speaking; except NAFTA’s beneficial effects may be even
more illusory than those claimed for cigarettes.

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