NAFTA Causes Mexican Misery And Illegal Immigration

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At 09:57 PM 5/19/2009, Carl Spitzer wrote:
>Looks like Rush was wrong about NAFTA.

         I think pretty much everybody, but Phyliss Schlafly got this 


>NAFTA Causes Mexican Misery And Illegal Immigration
>President Obama has wisely given up smoking - perhaps he can bring
>similar rationality and good judgment to our NAFTA economic displacement
>By doing so - halt the political chicanery of labeling it as simply an
>immigration issue.
>Thanks largely to NAFTA and the deceptively named "Freedom To Farm
>Bill", millions of Mexican farmers has been forced off their land. To
>make matters even worse, since US agribusiness has jumped on the
>ethanol-from-corn bandwagon, people in Mexico can’t even afford corn
>tortillas, a staple of their diet for generations.
>The above hardship leaves poor Mexicans the choice of living in
>desperate conditions at home or violating US immigration laws for the
>opportunity to be exploited by various US corporate interests. Further,
>as people working under false identities, devoid of normal work place
>rights the undocumented immigrants suppress the wages or eliminate the
>jobs for competing American labor.
>Our public and political discussion on the above problem is reduced to
>an often vitriolic and evasive debate over "Illegal Immigration." The
>debate is evasive in that it is still taboo in the US to recognize and
>discuss Illegal Immigration and NAFTA as the co-joined siblings of a
>cruel and worsening economic displacement problem.
>Discussing Illegal Immigration and avoiding a discussion of the "Trade
>Laws" that cause it is like a smoker complaining about "shortness of
>breath" but insisting that his cigarettes are an unrelated issue , and
>more , that his breathing would be even worse but for the beneficial
>respiratory exercise he gets from smoking.
>As most "Baby Boomers" recall , tobacco companies once claimed some
>healthful benefits for smoking, so the analogy is certainly apt ,
>motivationally speaking; except NAFTA’s beneficial effects may be even
>more illusory than those claimed for cigarettes.
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