Parental rights versus the State

Jack Tomsky jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu May 21 09:38:46 MDT 2009

This is a case of life or death.  While medical miracles sometimes happen and nature heals itself - in the majority of cases this is not true.  This child has a chance for life with professional medical help vs homeopathic treatment - which can be hit or miss.  It is not so much the parental rights but what is best for the child.  The more scientific treatment has the better percentage chance of succeeding. 

Meanwhile the parents are wasting time in getting him that treatment and risking his life, because of their religious beliefs.  The cancer is is growing and may be spreading to the point where it is too late to really save him.  Saving a life is sometimes more important than religion.  You want to save your child not risk his life with an unproven treatment.  This is not facing reality.  What rights does the child have to understand the difference and make some kind of choice?  It is the child's life at risk and he seems old enough to have a voice.  He needs to learn not merely from his parents with religious bias and emotional hysteria, but from the scientific community, as to the truth of the problem.  He needs to know what is happening to him and the odds of success of each treatment - established science and homeopathic.  

Marilyn Tomsky
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