Parental rights versus the State

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At 11:38 AM 5/21/2009, Jack Tomsky wrote:

>This is a case of life or death.

         With all due respect, Mrs. Tomsky, I don't think that point 
changes anything. The parents honestly believe that they are acting in 
their son's best interests.

>While medical miracles sometimes happen and nature heals itself - in the 
>majority of cases this is not true.

         I'd highly recommend that you start reading the daily postings of 
Drs. Russell Blaylock <> and William Campbell 
Douglass <> - both of whom 
STRONGLY  encourage and endorse homeopathic treatment over standard 
"accepted wisdom." They each have written some compelling columns on the 
benefits of homeopathology.

>This child has a chance for life with professional medical help vs 
>homeopathic treatment - which can be hit or miss.

         I don't think it's as random as you/we all are led to believe it 
is. Perhaps you might want to reserve final judgement until reading some 
thoughts from each of the aforementioned doctors. I recently went through a 
very terse series of similar discussions with my wife - an RN, stricken in 
December with breast cancer. I argued most passionately for her to try 
homeopathic methods, but she wouldn't even consider them. Furthermore, she 
would neither read what the above doctors had written, nor would she some 
much as inquire about their potential as a means of treatment. Having a 
closed mind in this case, isn't always good. However, my wife is over the 
age of 21 and therefore, I could not have any say in her ultimate decision. 
What disturbs me is that chemotherapy involves injection of poison 
substances into the body, killing the live tissue, so that there's nothing 
for the cancer to advance into. It cannot occupy dead tissue.

         Cancer runs in my mother's bloodlines and I have a one-in-four 
chance of contracting colon cancer, personally. I've read everything I 
could come in contact with on the subject of cancer, since losing my uncle 
(Mom's brother) in 2001. While I will get myself meticulously screened, if 
necessary, I plan on bugging my doctor(s) until I get an on-the-level 
dialog on ulternative treatment - perhaps even using althernative methods 
before resorting to standard ones.  BTW, my wife has completed chemo 
treatments and is in the middle of her radiation treatment phase. So far, 
so good. Early detection is ALWAYS the key to treating cancer, no matter 
the method of treatment. Denise's nodule was roughly the circumference of a 

>It is not so much the parental rights but what is best for the child.

         I doubt that some governmental entity has more of the child's 
interests at heart than his own parental flesh and blood. We've come to 
allow and even expect the government to micro-manage our lives and so just 
about all government entities act with impugnity in areas where they have 
absolutely no business being.

>The more scientific treatment has the better percentage chance of succeeding.

         Keep an open mind until you read the scientific data that caused 
both of the above doctors to reject today's accepted medical "wisdom".......

>Meanwhile the parents are wasting time in getting him that treatment and 
>risking his life, because of their religious beliefs.

         It may not boil down to religious beliefs, but rather certain 
health issues. There are a wealth of things to consider in this situation.

>The cancer is is growing and may be spreading to the point where it is too 
>late to really save him. Saving a life is sometimes more important than 
>religion. You want to save your child not risk his life with an unproven 

         Dr. Douglass writes with supporting evidence on alternative cancer 
treatment options. <>

>This is not facing reality.

         Nor is being close-minded, actually.

>What rights does the child have to understand the difference and make some 
>kind of choice? It is the child's life at risk and he seems old enough to 
>have a voice.

         He has no basis for comparison at his tender age. That'd be as 
silly as allowing him to vote.

>He needs to learn not merely from his parents with religious bias and 
>emotional hysteria, but from the scientific community, as to the truth of 
>the problem. He needs to know what is happening to him and the odds of 
>success of each treatment - established science and homeopathic.

         More than anything else, he needs to know the truth and hopefully, 
possesses the maturity to be able to process the information as presented 
to him.

John Q.  
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