Bi-Partisan Congressional Majority Moves to Restore Second Amendment in National Parks

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   NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert Vol. 16, No. 
20                                         5/22/09

Congressional Majority
<>Moves to Restore 
Second Amendment in National Parks

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On Wednesday, NRA-backed legislation to restore the Second Amendment rights 
of law-abiding citizens in national parks and wildlife refuges passed in 
the U.S. House of Representatives by an overwhelming bipartisan majority of 
279-147. Today, the measure was signed into law and, as specified in the 
legislation, will take effect in nine months, on February 22, 2010.   This 
was a major repudiation of the gun control community's anti self-defense 

The current Department of Interior (DOI) regulations were amended by the 
Bush Administration in 2008, allowing law-abiding citizens to defend 
themselves by carrying a concealed firearm in national parks and wildlife 
refuges.  However, early this year, a federal district court in Washington, 
D.C. granted anti-gun plaintiffs a preliminary injunction against 
implementation of the new rule.  NRA has been working for the past several 
years in the regulatory, legal, and legislative arenas to achieve this 
policy change.

<>Round-Up Of 
Grassroots Activities In Phoenix:  As noted in last week's report on the 
record-setting attendance at the 
<>May 15 Grassroots 
Workshop held in conjunction with NRA's Annual Meetings in Phoenix, Ariz., 
we wanted to update you on the second event hosted by the NRA-ILA 
Grassroots Division- the third annual "In Their Own Words" special session.

Memorial Day:
arlington cemetary
This weekend, our country will celebrate Memorial Day.  We'll cookout, 
relax, and visit with friends and family.  But this holiday weekend is 
about more than barbeques, swimming pools, and family get-togethers.  As we 
celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend, let us keep in mind what we are 
"celebrating" -- those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that 
Americans, and people around the world, would be able to reap the benefits 
of freedom.  We should remember, too, the one freedom that we as Americans 
enjoy -- the one that protects all our other freedoms -- the Second 
Amendment.  Those who fought and died on the battlefield did so to protect 
our country, our way of life, and our freedom.  It is now our calling, and 
our responsibility, to ensure that future generations never fail to realize 
how blessed we are to live in the United States, a country whose 
Constitution guarantees its citizens' freedom, including our Right to Keep 
and Bear Arms.

2009-2010 Hunting Regulations for the Upper Mississippi River National 
Wildlife and Fish Refuge:  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is 
planning to change existing regulations for migratory game birds, upland 
game, and big game.  These changes will implement portions of the Refuge's 
management plan, approved in 2006.  The Refuge encompasses 240,000 acres in 
a mostly continuous 261-mile stretch of Mississippi River floodplain in 
Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  Approximately 187,000 acres of 
the area are open to hunting. The regulations will be changed to affect 
zones closed to waterfowl, or all hunting, and require the immediate 
retrieval of waterfowl taken during hunting.

You may view the proposed rule at 
Clicking on "current topics" will take you to a press release, fact sheets, 
and the proposed rule.  Public comments must be received by May 28, and can 
be sent electronically to 
Follow the instructions for submitting comments.  Or, you may mail comments 
to:  Public Comments Processing, Attn: RIN 1018-AW48; Division of Policy 
and Directives Management; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; 4401 N. Fairfax 
Drive, Suite 222; Arlington, VA 22203.  For further information, you may 
call 507-452-4232.  If you hunt in this expansive refuge, you are 
encouraged to review the proposed changes and send your comments to the FWS.

<>Help Defend Your 
Gun Rights One Click At A Time:
We now have a revolutionary yet simple tool that will allow you to stay 
connected to NRA-ILA and raise valuable contributions to defend our Second 
Amendment rights without spending a dime!  It's the NRA-ILA Toolbar, and 
you can make a difference by downloading and using it.

Show your support, stay connected to your NRA-ILA, and raise valuable 
contributions for our defense of the Second Amendment by downloading and 
using this free toolbar!  Please click 
<>here to download 
your toolbar now!

Grassroots Minute

<>STATE ROUNDUP  (Please note the 
only items listed below are those that have had recent action.  For other 
updates on state legislation, please go to the state legislation section at 
<>, and check each week's issue of the 
Grassroots Alert.")

ALABAMA:  <>Emergency 
Powers Bill Signed by the Governor, Permit Confidentiality Legislation 
Awaits Approval  Governor Bob Riley (R) recently signed Emergency Powers 
legislation, but the permit confidentiality bill still awaits his 
consideration.  For more information on these two bills, please click 
<>here.  Please 
continue to contact Governor Riley and respectfully urge him to sign HB 432 
into law and thank him for signing HB 225.  You can reach Governor Riley by 
calling (334) 242- 7100 or via email by clicking 

COLORADO:  <>Governor 
Vetoes Pro-Gun Reform  On Friday, May 15, Governor Bill Ritter (D) vetoed 
House Bill 1180.  HB1180 would have exempted Colorado concealed handgun 
permit holders from the background check requirement for the transfer of a 
firearm.  Please contact Governor Ritter at (303) 866-2471 and express your 
disappointment in his veto of House Bill 1180.  Thank you to all those who 
contacted their legislators during this process.

Second Amendment Weekend Tax Holiday Bills Progressing in Baton 
Rouge!  Senate Bill 52, a bill that would recognize the importance of the 
Second Amendment by authorizing a 'sales tax holiday' on purchased firearms 
during the annual Second Amendment weekend, was passed unanimously by the 
State Senate on Thursday, May 21.  Its companion bill, House Bill 128, has 
been scheduled for debate in the House on Wednesday, May 27.  Please 
contact your State Representative and State Senator and respectfully urge 
them to support HB 128 and SB 52. To find the contact information for your 
lawmakers, please click 

Hunting Opportunities in Management Plan for Bayou Sauvage National 
Wildlife Refuge:  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has released a 
management plan for the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge.  The 24,000 
acre refuge is contained within the corporate limits of New Orleans, and is 
the largest refuge in an urban area in the United States.  It is one of the 
last remaining marsh areas adjacent to the south shores of Lakes 
Pontchartrain and Borgne.  Three management alternatives have been 
presented to the public for review and comment.  The preferred management 
approach preferred by FWS, Alternative B, would open the refuge to some 
hunting opportunities.  Comments must be submitted by May 26th to Mr. Pon 
Dixson, Deputy Project Leader, Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge 
Complex, 61389 Highway 434, Lacombe, LA 70445 or to 
<mailto:pon_dixson at>pon_dixson at  A copy of the plan is 
available at 
It is important for the FWS to receive public support for opening the 
refuge to hunting, so please take a few minutes to send comments to Mr. Dixson.

<>Governor Heineman 
Signs Right-to-Carry Reform Bill!  On Tuesday, May 19, Governor Dave 
Heineman (R) signed LB 430.  This comprehensive reform package will make 
numerous changes to Nebraska's firearm regulations.  On Wednesday, another 
pro-gun reform, LB 503, was transmitted to the Governor's desk for his 
consideration.  LB 503 will help protect Nebraska's shooting ranges from 
local zoning regulations.  Please contact Governor Heineman and thank him 
for signing LB 430 into law, and also encourage him to sign LB 503 to help 
protect Nebraska's shooting ranges.  You can contact Governor Heineman by 
calling (402) 471-2244 or via email by clicking 

NEVADA:  <>Apprentice 
Hunting Bill Advancing in Nevada!  Last Friday, the Nevada House passed 
Assembly Bill 246.  The bill now heads to the Senate where it will be 
considered by the Senate Natural Resources Committee.  AB246 would 
establish an apprentice hunting license that would allow prospective 
hunters 12 years old and older to try their hand at hunting before 
completing a hunter education course.  Apprentice hunters would be required 
to be directly supervised in the field by a mentor who is at least 18 years 
old and who holds a valid Nevada hunting license.  Please contact the 
members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee TODAY and respectfully 
urge them to support AB246.  Contact information can be found 

NEW YORK:  <>Anti-Gun 
Bills Advance in New York!  In their annual attack on the gun rights of New 
Yorkers, anti-gun Assemblymen came out in full force and passed numerous 
anti-gun bills. All of these bills will now head to the State Senate. It is 
critical that you contact your State Senators and urge them to oppose these 
restrictive and unnecessary measures.  For more information on these bills 
and how to take action, please click 

<>Legislative Update 
for North Carolina  The North Carolina General Assembly hit its Crossover 
Deadline on Thursday, May 14, after a flurry of legislative activity.  This 
deadline basically means that any bill that had not passed one chamber 
(either the House or Senate) by Thursday is likely dead for this 
session.  Many pro-gun reforms failed to meet the deadline, but several did 
pass.  To view the bills that will continue to move in the North Carolina 
legislature, please click 

OKLAHOMA:  <>Employee 
Privacy Reform Bill Sent to Governor Henry!  On Monday, May 18, House Bill 
1025 was sent to Governor Brad Henry (D) for his consideration.  HB 1025 
would prohibit private employers, public employers, and public officials 
from inquiring about a job applicant's firearm ownership.  Please contact 
Governor Henry and respectfully urge him to sign HB 1025.  To contact the 
Governor's office please call (405) 521-2342.

<>"Lost or Stolen" 
Ordinance Revived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!
Earlier this week, Mayor Richard Gray (D) reintroduced a proposal that 
would require gun owners to report a lost or stolen firearm within a 
72-hour period, or face fines and possible imprisonment.  If enacted, 
Gray's proposal would violate Pennsylvania's state preemption law and turn 
innocent law-abiding victims into criminals.  The proposal will be 
considered by the Lancaster City Council on Tuesday, May 26.  A vote by the 
city council is expected on Tuesday, June 9.  Please attend the May 26 City 
Council meeting to show your support for the Second Amendment and, if 
possible, voice your opposition to this illegal and unwarranted 
proposal.  For more information on the City Council meeting and additional 
contact information, please click 

TENNESSEE:  <>Castle 
Doctrine Reform Bill Signed into Law!  On Wednesday, May 13 Governor Phil 
Bredesen (D) signed House Bill 70 into law.  HB 70 will remove the 
prohibition against using deadly force in protection of personal 
property.  It will also expand your right to self-defense to include a 
place of business. Thank you to all those who contacted their legislators 
during this process.  Please continue checking your email and 
<> for updates on further legislation 
in Tennessee.

<>Restaurant Carry 
Bill Passes Senate, Heads to Governor's Desk!  The Tennessee Senate 
approved the General Assembly Conference Committee report of House Bill 
962.  The report removed all arbitrary restricting amendments. HB 962 now 
heads to Governor Phil Bredesen's (D) desk for his consideration. We would 
like to thank all of the NRA members who took the time to contact their 
state legislators in support of this important pro-gun measure. We would 
also like to thank the sponsors and co-sponsors of HB 962 for their 
continued support of this important Right-to-Carry reform bill.  Please 
contact Governor Bredesen TODAY and respectfully urge him to sign HB 
962.  The Governor can be reached by phone at (615)741-2001 or email 
<mailto:Phil.Bredesen at>Phil.Bredesen at

<>Show Your Pride 
With an NRA License Plate!  A special NRA license plate provides an ideal 
opportunity to showcase your pride as an NRA member and your steadfast 
dedication to preserving Second Amendment rights.  Your support of this 
program will help ensure hunting and shooting traditions in the Volunteer 
State for generations to come.  The NRA is collecting applications for NRA 
license plates in Tennessee, but the deadline to apply is fast 
approaching.  For more information, please click 

Reciprocity Reform Bill Becomes Law in West Virginia  On May 8, Governor 
Joe Manchin, III (D) signed House Bill 3314 into law.  This important bill 
makes significant changes to the concealed carry statutes in West 
Virginia.  Please contact the Governor's office and thank him for signing 
this important pro-gun legislation.  Also, please contact your legislators 
and thank them for all their hard work this session.  You can find your 
legislator's contact information 
<>here.  To contact 
Governor Manchin, please call toll-free at 1-(800) 438-2731 or email him at 
<mailto:Governor at>Governor at

<>Micro-Stamping and 
Castle Doctrine Bills to be Heard on Thursday, May 28  On Thursday, May 28, 
at 10:00 A.M., the Committee on Criminal Justice will be holding a hearing 
on Assembly Bill 221, which would require all newly manufactured handguns 
sold in Wisconsin
to incorporate "micro-stamping" technology.  This dangerous legislation 
needs to be stopped.  Micro-stamping is flawed, unreliable, and unproven 
technology that will burden not only law abiding citizens, but law 
enforcement agencies as well.  Your attendance at this hearing is 
crucial.  Please contact the members of the Personal Privacy Committee and 
respectfully urge them to support the Castle Doctrine legislation (AB 193) 
when it is presented to them on Thursday, May 28.  The Committee on 
Personal Privacy will hear Assembly Bill 193, the Castle Doctrine 
self-defense legislation on May 28 at 10:00 A.M.  Currently there are 
inconsistencies with Wisconsin's state statute in regard to an individual's 
self-defense rights.   Please also contact the committee members on the 
Criminal Justice committee and respectfully urge them to oppose this 
micro-stamping legislation (AB 221).  Contact information for both 
committees can be found 

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend, and please remember
those who have sacrificed to protect our freedom!

In observation of Memorial Day, NRA will be closed on Monday, May 25.


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