The Top Ten Reasons Obama Delayed the Use of Deadly Force on the Pirates

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The Top Ten Reasons President Barak Obama Delayed the Use of Deadly
Force on the Somali Pirates:

10. They are potential campaign donors for 2012. 
 9.  One looked like a former neighbor. 

 8.  All were carrying DNC cards. 

 7.  When his staff identified them as "Pirates", Obama thought they
were from Pittsburgh. 

 6.  Two of the four were registered with ACORN. 

 5.  Didn't want to support the use of firearms for protection, thus
backing the stance of the NRA. 

 4.  Wanted positive confirmation that they were in fact, not members of
the Rainbow Coalition. 

 3.  The Tele-prompter was broken and he had nothing to say. 

2.  No Photo-op existed. 

1.  And the Number #1 reas on: They may be relatives. 


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