Republicans should get behind Christine O'Donnell

Carl Spitzer Winblows at LAVABIT.COM
Fri Oct 8 18:58:22 MDT 2010

Kissinger drunk off his ass out of control and telling the truth for
once might be funny but for old Keg Tennedy that was a normal state of
being and only women needed to worry about seeing him naked.


On Mon, 2010-09-20 at 19:50 -0700, Jim wrote:

> I always thought you were one of the saner people on this list.  Now I 
> know what a sick puppy you really are.  I'm not sure which would be more 
> disgusting to see drunk and naked: Keg Tennedy, Henry Kissinger, Jim 
> Quinn or John Quayle.
> On 9/20/2010 11:32, Steven Laib wrote:
> > He also had photos of some of the events there, but none of Henry
> > Kissinger drunk as a skunk. I was hoping to see that.
> > SDL
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