Elena Kagan was confirmed with help of 7 RINOS

Carl Spitzer Winblows at LAVABIT.COM
Sun Oct 10 08:59:57 MDT 2010

We must clean our own house as well as clear out the democrats.

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                        We Republicans can only 
                            blame ourselves.
                       When are we going to boot
                       these 7 Rinos out of the 
                           Grand Old Party ??
                         Elena Kagan confirmed 
Elena Kagan was confirmed  [ 63-37 ]  by the United States Senate
 to serve on the Supreme Court with the help of these 7 RINOS ~! 

Below are the 7 Republican Sens. who voter fer Kagan;
Sen. Coburn,
Sen. Collins, 
Sen. Gregg,
Sen. Hatch,
Sen. Kyle, 
Sen. Lugar 
Sen. Snowe 
All the above joined most of the Democrats in confirming the
 Obama nominee.
If they had voted as True Republicans then the vote would have 
been 44 to 56 & Kagan would have been rejected ~! 
Hatch is the only one that voted yes 
when I thought would vote no.
He is now in the Rino club;-((


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