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I think you have the chronology of liquor taxes and prohibition incorrect.  President Washington had to struggle with the issue of liquor taxes on two fronts.   He operated a large distillery and he had to deal with the armed Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.  
The connection between booze and racing is also historic.  The nearby "Camptown Races" ( Stephan Foster 1850)   started with a few stiff drinks after Sunday services  and ended up with drunk farmers betting on everything from plow horses to whatever.   Now when I go to the county fairgrounds their descendants are doing tractor pulls.  Booze, rednecks, and racing are a combination that always was and always will be. 
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I disagree vehemently. First stock car racing started long before
NASCAR. There was no money in it, just bragging rights. Moonshine
runners had money and an incentive to produce fast cars. Without that
combination, there would be no stock car racing. It was after the
creation of such technology that the penchant of men to race each other
developed. You have the cart in front of the horse. Without prohibition
(taxation started after repeal of the 18th amendment) stock car racing
would not have developed for years, if ever because there was no
incentive to build them.

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> No.    The history of stock car racing might be a little less
> colorful, but the itch to race preceded Mr Fords cars and it would
> have evolved anyway.   Also, the 'moonshine running" that influenced
> early stock car racing was more about post-prohibition tax evasion.  
> If I was going to make the point I'd claim liquor taxes(not
> prohibition) were a greater influence.
> Tom  
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>     One of our local talkers said this evening that if it wasn't for
>     prohibition during the 1920's we wouldn't have NASCAR. 
>     OK, it isn't an earthshaking question, but does anyone agree? 
>     SDL

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