This Wasn't Necessary

Jim kd7nnv at GMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 15 14:49:54 MDT 2010

On 10/15/2010 11:15, JD wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 11:05 AM, Carl Spitzer <Winblows at
> <mailto:Winblows at>> wrote:
>     Time to stockpile real lightbulbs and to hell with the government.
>     CWSIV
>      >
> The curly ones are real.  They give off real light, maybe 1% of the
> heat, and I got them four for a buck 87.  I LOVE the curly lightbulbs
> and I have stockpiled those.
> JD

They also contain mercury which tells me someday the greenie weenies 
will demand they be banned.


"Government aid is getting a blood transfusion in your right arm, taking 
your blood from your left arm, spilling half of the blood in the 
process." - Marcel Ledbetter

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