Obama's Half-Brother, 52, Marries Teenage Girl

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What's Kenyan for "hillbilly?"


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> More news about our illegitimate President's family ....
> Courtesy of The Patriot Update<http://www.patriotupdate.com/stories/read/5498/Obamas-half-brother-52-marries-teenage-girl>
> "President Barack Obama's polygamist half brother in Kenya has married a
> woman who is more than 30 years younger than him. The 19-year-old's mother
> told The Associated Press on Friday she is furious that her daughter quit
> high school and married the 52-year-old. Mary Aoko Ouma says her daughter
> tried to marry Malik Obama two years ago, but the mother says she wouldn't
> give permission. Malik Obama, who is Muslim, has two other wives. Polygamy
> is legal in Kenya if it falls under religious or cultural traditions. In an
> interview broadcast by Kenya's NTV that was filmed without his knowledge,
> Malik Obama says he married the 19-year-old but didn't say when."
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