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> Folks, I'm sorry, but Alvin Greene (running against Jim DeMint) comes
> across as ill-prepared and unable to articulate a complete sentence,
> muchless any ideas. He's a veteran, so we owe him thanks for his service,

Why? He was a librarian at an air force base, then he had a job shredding
documents and escorting contractors around the base.   None of these duties
are any more or any less important than the same duties in the civilian
world. Should we also be thanking other escorts, librarians and document
shredders?  Want to know who we should thank? It's garbage men.  You throw
stuff in a can and forget about it, they ride around the city picking it all
up after it has sat for a week and taking it to a landfill.  Or how about
all the people who cook and serve you breakfst then let you walk away from
dirty dishes and a messy table? Or the guy who spends his day driving air
bolts into cow's heads so I don't have to do that myself just to have a
hamburger?  These are the people who make the world run. What we owed Greene
was a series of paychecks and as far as I know, we have delivered all of

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