Ex-Secret Service officer: I almost shot LBJ

Jim kd7nnv at GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 24 23:56:33 MDT 2010

This got me thinking.  Imagine if George S. Patton had lived and run for 

On 10/24/2010 22:20, John wrote:
> On Fri Oct 22 01:37:47 CDT 2010, Jim wrote:
>  > I can't help but wonder how the country would have been different if
> AuH2O had made it to the white house.
> Here's what might have happened:
> Goldwater wins in 1964 and re-election in '68.
> Ronald Reagan wins in 1972 and re-election in 1976.
> Just from that, there would've been no Watergate, Viet Nam would've
> ended in a win and a lot sooner. There would've been no Arab Oil
> Embargo, no creation of the EPA (which happened under Nixon), no taking
> of hostages in Iran, an no overthrow of the Shah of Iran.
> One more thing, there would've been no George Bush as Veep or in the
> White House!
> John Q.


"Government aid is getting a blood transfusion in your right arm, taking 
your blood from your left arm, spilling half of the blood in the 
process." - Marcel Ledbetter

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