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> On 10/27/2010 6:56 PM, Steven Laib wrote:
>> This is an interesting topic, JD.
>> Here is what I see. As a general rule it seems that liberals already
>> have a good number of high profile people making a lot of noise in their
>> favor, so they don't have to fabricate them. On the other hand, we see
>> how people like Ron Howard's brother have to keep their mouths shut a
>> lot of the time or get blackballed, so we really don't know how many
>> people in "high profile" positions might actually favor a conservative
>> view. I was surprised when Meg Whitman came out as a Republican. I've
>> known about Charlie Daniels for years, but not Lynard Skynard until just
>> this year. I think a lot of Conservative show business people keep a
>> politically low profile.
>> On the other hand, the "right" wing of the political spectrum has,
>> perhaps, more than its share of wingnuts.
> I'm not sure that it's more.  The left-wing wackos are often in the
> "mainstream."  Think Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann for
> starters  -- or Joy Behar.  Our wackos are seen as wackos even by us.

This is a different problem.  We have analogous whackos in mainstream
Infotainment, many of whom are generally well thought of by the folks on
this list, including me. Then, there is what I will call the
conservative-plus faction like Jones, Ventura, Nugent and Blood who
sometimes drift into "tinfoil hat" territory.  I like these guys too, and I
have my own tinfoil hat that I wear on special occasions. My rant was
directed to the people who create these absolutely, demonstrably FALSE
feel-good conservative internet messages (all of which are embellished with
cornball illustrations, giant colored text, or both)  and the tens or
hundreds of thousands who re-post them. We are becoming a culture of liars
and gullible fools who publish lies.  We have no control over broadcast and
print media but we do have control over our mice. Let's exercise that
control along with a little healthy skepticism

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