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At 01:31 AM 8/1/2011, Paf Dvorak wrote:
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>>On 7/29/2011 3:20 PM, Steven Laib wrote:
>>>Growth was revised down for the first quarter of this year to a 0.4% rate.
>>>Last month was "unexpectedly low" at 1.3%.
>>>One economist described the situation as "grim".
>>>The culprit - Government regulation.
>>White House spokesmen point to the 1.3% as proof of the robust recovery.
>>Wait 'till next quarter, and the 1.3 is revised to less than 1.
>Why are anyone but Keynesians upset when there's no growth?
>Economies grow and shrink naturally. If we ask government to 
>manipulate the money supply by borrowing and then paying back (or 
>not) from/to a semi-private central bank, we can have growth every 
>year...until we have so much debt that nobody wants to loan us anymore money...
>The great depression was a natural correction. We're slated for 
>another one, this one much bigger and much worse than the last one.
>Of course if we told government to stop with this foolishness and 
>allow the natural ebb and flow of the economy to do as it will, our 
>ebbs would be much shorter and shallower.

         Keynsiuans are ego-bloated elites who think they can 
eliminate the boom and bust cycles of free market economics by 
"managing" it tightly.

>That of course means making the federal management company much, 
>much smaller, something few Americans are willing to demand. Now.
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