Desperate America - Desperate Times, Desperate People.................

Carl Spitzer Winblows at LAVABIT.COM
Tue Aug 2 11:50:16 MDT 2011

My father predicted this.  The only solution is to end the government
Lincoln created when he forced the 10Th Amendment to surrender at the
Appomattox Court house.  Never mind that the Original 13Th Amendment
makes Lincoln ineligible to be president because it forbids lawyers in
offices of trust.  Which also applies to congress.  Once we fulfill the
last prophecy of my father we start over.  the rest of the world goes to
shit but they have lived off us as my former room mate lived off me.
Time to unload the ungrateful at home and abroad.  Lets offer the
hyphenated not really American democrats a one way ticket to the country
or continent they use before the hyphen.


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