More Tea in 2012!

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Wed Aug 3 12:04:12 MDT 2011

>Tea in 2012!
>You're ticked off by the budget and deficit 
>deal. The old-guard Republicans caved again and 
>took a few Tea Party people with them. So now 
>what are you going to do? Sulk? Whine? Moan? Not 
>me. There's one thing about liberals that I 
>admire. They never quit. When Jimmy Carter and a 
>whole bunch of liberal Congressmen were thrown 
>out in the 1980 election, conservatives declared 
>victory and liberals planned how to win it all 
>back. And they did. Saul Alinsky (1909–1972), 
>author of Rules for Radicals, is a favorite 
>strategist of the Left. Hillary Clinton and 
>Barack Obama are students of Alinsky's methods. 
>Hillary had met Alinsky at a Methodist church 
>outing when she was a teenager. They were 
>impressed with one another. In late 1968, 
>Alinsky offered Hillary Rodham a job working for 
>him. She had insider aspirations. In 1969, she 
>wrote her Senior Thesis on Alinsky: "There is 
>Only the Fight . . .": An Analysis of the Alinsky Model..."
>Read more: 
>Tea in 2012!
>Furthering America,
>Godfather Politics
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