No budget, no spending

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The beauty of this is that the average citizen will be impacted by the loss 
of "vital" govt services the way the average  airline traveler was by the recent 
FAA shutdown...... or NOT AT  ALL...  
The more folks realize that controlling govt spending isn't the crime against 
humanity the left makes it out to be the more possible meaningful cuts 
will become..
 That's essentially my point as well, Tom. 
The way I figure it is if there is a govt. shutdown for a couple of months and 
the world doesn't come to and end people will suddenly realize that they've been 
lied to for years about how "vital" govt. is in every aspect of their lives. 

It would make all the difference in the world.  That's why I'm so ticked off at 
Newt and Boehner who both blew opportunities to prove the point. 


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>Subject: [RUSHTALK] No budget, no spending
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>I'd like to see the Republicans tell the President simply:  "No budget, no 
>spending."  And then except for defense, homeland security, veterans, border 
>control and maybe a few other things, don't appropriate a dime; no continuing 
>resolutions, nothing.  Shut whole Departments down.
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