What To Make Of This?

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Mon Aug 22 22:23:09 MDT 2011

At 10:40 PM 8/22/2011, Paf Dvorak wrote:
>At 02:56 PM 8/22/2011 -0400, you wrote:
>>>Secret U.S. experiments to prompt 2nd Coming?
>>>Is mankind's quest for knowledge, power and longer life about to 
>>>backfire and wipe human beings off the face of the Earth?
>>>Secret experiments now underway in the U.S. and elsewhere are 
>>>sparking fears of a potential extinction-level event prompting the 
>>>2nd Coming of Jesus.
>Wait, so the Conservative point of view is you don't want Christ to return?

         I've got nothing to do with Christ's return. It's not my 
decision and secondly, I couldn't stop Him, if I wanted to.

>And where in the Bible does it speak of an "extinction-level event" 
>that will prompt Christ to return?

         Nowhere that I've seen, I'll say that much....................

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