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On 8/25/2011 9:23 AM, JD wrote:
> I love George Carlin and Eddie Murphy but I love Tim Hawkins and 
> Stephen Wright equally.  I believe that an educated person should take 
> advantage of the full range of the infinitely rich English language, 
> voices, and dialects to express himself on a variety of topics.  In 
> the foregoing example, I was shocked (seriously. It was so blatant as 
> to shock me.  And I don't shock easily) by the callous disregard for 
> both the intelligence of the reader and objectively verifiable facts 
> as to be compelled to respond in the strongest language I could summon 
> up. While I understand that others might not share this opinion and 
> find my response offensive, and I certainly respect their positions on 
> the matter, I urge them to put themselves in my place as I read this 
> nasty and offensive little chunk of propaganda.  I am sure that then 
> they will understand my reaction, even if they still find it 
> inappropriate.  If not, frankly they can all go fuck themselves.

I love Stephen Wright, but I have a heck of a time understanding him on 
the radio.  Then again, could be my hearing.
> JD
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