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On Wed, 2011-08-10 at 02:24 -0400, Frosty wrote:

> Why are the people there so mamby-pamby that they have to have some
> boss GIVE them a job?? Why can't they move to where the jobs are, or
> create their own?

Not everyone knows how to create their own job and with government
regulation hobbling creation of jobs its very hard to do.
As to moving where jobs are how do you predict when yours is going to
disappear so you can prepare to move.  Some people bought homes and that
is not so easy to move though it can be done but still there is the cost
and where to move the home.  Or try to sell fast and move but to where.
Even if you knew the methods of Paul Gant not everyone can learn and
apply them for prediction large economic moves.

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