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>>>>>At 11:59 AM 8/26/2011, Tom Matiska wrote:
>>>>>>How big is the market for guitars made with exotic wood that it 
>>>>>>threatens these trees?
>>>>>>Just saw ZZ Top this past Sunday and it looked to me like their 
>>>>>>guitars were made from synthetic trees.   I didvalue one 
>>>>>>politically incorrect moment during the encore when Gibbons 
>>>>>>openly violated the non-smoking restriction of the open air 
>>>>>>amphitheater by smoking a cigar on stage .
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>>>>>>Subject: [RUSHTALK] On Drudge: This is disturbing
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>>>>>>Did you see this, John.  This is disturbing.
>>>>>          This is indeed, most disturbing! Gibson is certainly 
>>>>> an iconic brand and I hope and pray that the objective isn't to 
>>>>> torpedo the company!
>>>>>I hope so too. I always thought the maple of the neck made a 
>>>>>prettier and just as resonant fretboard, but I want people to 
>>>>>have a choice.  If you took all the rosewood and ebony used in 
>>>>>bridges and neck veneers over a year, you would barely have two big logs.
>>>>I think they should make the fretboards from lignum vitae and 
>>>>machine the frets right into it.
>>>         That would greatly compromise the sound qualities. Might 
>>> be good for sustainability, though...............
>>I disagree. The strings vibrate after the fret, through the bridge 
>>and out the sound hole.
>         There are no soundholes on SGs, Les Pauls, Explorers, 
> Firebirds and the like..........................

Not even "F" shaped ones??

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