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Mon Aug 29 12:02:40 MDT 2011

At 11:44 AM 8/29/2011 -0400, you wrote:
>On 8/28/2011 1:56 AM, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>>>>Did you not follow any of the links?
>>>>I NEVER click on links in emails unless I personally know the sender
>>>>AND know that email originated from that sender - or if I personally
>>>>know the site.
>>>I thought this list didn't want us to post whole articles.
>>>*Why *do you never click on links? You running Windoze 3.0 or something?
>>>Avast <> is a really good free anti-virus software
>>>that will prevent scripts from doin' you dirty.
>>>I can safely run all the cool videos and power-point presentations
>>>that JAQ & others sends offlist. If one is evil Avast lets me know
>>>BEFORE I click it.
>>>Or maybe that 650 meg hard drive you're sportin' or that 4800 baud
>>>rate on yer dialup is the problem...
>>No I never got past DOS 3.0, I am still on a 32 meg drive with 1200.
>Yeah, right.  I would be surprised if can even get on the Internet 
>now with that.  And your post sent along an ad for Avast -- 
>graphics.  How did you manage that with DOS 3.0?

Try keeping your thumb on your script so you don't confuse your lines.

>You're trying to inject a little humor, but you fail the first test: 
>humor should be based on reality.
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