Romney should target the young voter

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On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 4:39 PM, Ernie Lane <ernielane at> wrote:

> On 8/3/2012 5:55 PM, Paf Dvorak wrote:
>> At 01:59 PM 8/3/2012 -0400, you wrote:
>>> Governor Romeny should run an ad campaign, perhaps focusing on the
>>> Internet, targeting young adults
>> You mean all those Paulbots that won't be voting for him?
> Unless you know something I don't, Paul won't be on the ballot.  They can
> write him in, of course, but I really don't think that will happen much.
> Moreover, that's what an ad campaign is expected to do -- if you will,
> convert those Paulbots to Romneybots (or just not Paulbots).  But there
> might not even be enough Paulbots to worry about; the main objective would
> be to reduce the number of Obamabots.
Nah...there is a shitload of Paulbots and the Rombots have treated us all
like shitpots, so  in November, Romnot so in 4 years, maybe RINOnot.

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