Is Boredom A Good Enough Reason?

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Black Teens Beat White Man Because They Were Bored

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22, 2012

I live just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and a local news story has 
caught my attention.

Six black teenagers were bored, so they decided to attack and beat up 
a helpless white man who was walking down the street minding his own 
business.  The victim had just finished some shopping at a local 
Ameristop and had his hands full of bags.  When the attack started, 
he was knocked to the ground.  He told the youths that he just got 
aid and offered them his cash, but they just laughed at him and kept 
on with the attack.  After the attack, the victim was taken to a 
hospital for treatment of severe bruising, cuts, scrapes and internal bleeding.

When police arrested the teens, they told the police that they were 
bored and were looking for something to do.
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