Fwd: Will Obama & Romney Debate the Climate Crisis?

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At 01:07 PM 8/23/2012, Paf Dvorak wrote:
>>>>>Is "conservative" the new "liberal?"
>>>>         How/why would anyone entertain this notion?
>>>Did you read the article??
>>         Yeppers..............still don't 
>> arrive at the aforementioned conclusion.................
>Do the Republians now stand that Global Warming 
>is a fact that must be addressed?

         Not to my knowledge.......a few might, 
unofficially, but they are marginal players.................

>>>>>>How do they plan to address the climate crisis?
>>>>>>Sign our petition to ensure we get answers 
>>>>>>in the first presidential debate!
>>>>>>What’s on your TV right now?
>>>>>>Cable news chatter about the Romney 
>>>>>>family’s dancing horse? A bunch of talking 
>>>>>>heads yelling about President Obama’s birth certificate?
>>>>>>Let’s face it, from now until November, you 
>>>>>>and every other voter will be bombarded 
>>>>>>with non-stop coverage of the presidential 
>>>>>>election. But the question is: what will we 
>>>>>>be hearing about? Will we be learning where 
>>>>>>the candidates stand on serious issues like 
>>>>>>global warming – or will the news media 
>>>>>>focus on frivolous gossip and insignificant issues?
>>>>>>The choice is in your hands. We have a plan 
>>>>>>to make sure that climate change is at the 
>>>>>>top of the issues list this election, but we need your help.
>>>>>>Will you sign our petition calling on the 
>>>>>>moderator of the first presidential debate, 
>>>>>>Jim Lehrer, to ask President Obama and 
>>>>>>Governor Romney about the climate crisis?
>>>>>>Millions of voters will get their 
>>>>>>information about the presidential 
>>>>>>candidates by watching the debates this 
>>>>>>fall. With a moderator like Jim Lehrer ­ 
>>>>>>whose show, the PBS NewsHour, has often 
>>>>>>covered climate change with the gravity 
>>>>>>that it requires ­ we have a real chance to 
>>>>>>generate a substantive discussion about 
>>>>>>global warming on the national stage
if he 
>>>>>>asks the candidates about the issue.
>>>>>>The first debate, on October 3rd, is 
>>>>>>focused exclusively on domestic issues. 
>>>>>>With the effects of climate change causing 
>>>>>>hardship for people across the county ­ 
>>>>>>from flooding in the Southeast to drought 
>>>>>>in the Midwest to the wildfires in 
>>>>>>Colorado, where the debate is being held ­ 
>>>>>>it’s only natural to assume that Mr. Lehrer 
>>>>>>should ask President Obama and Governor 
>>>>>>Romney to discuss how they plan to address global warming.
>>>>>>Unfortunately, experience has taught us 
>>>>>>that we can’t assume much when it comes to 
>>>>>>climate change coverage in the national 
>>>>>>media. Despite the fact that July was the 
>>>>>>hottest month ever recorded in the U.S., 
>>>>>>only 8.7 percent of television segments 
>>>>>>that reported on the record-breaking heat 
>>>>>>waves made the connection to climate 
>>>>>>change, according to an analysis by Media 
>>>>>>Matters for America. But we can change that if we work together.
>>>>>>Will you help us reach our goal of 50,000 
>>>>>>signatures? Add your name to the growing 
>>>>>>list of people calling on Jim Lehrer to 
>>>>>>make the climate crisis a priority in the first presidential debate!
>>>>>>No matter how many climate change deniers 
>>>>>>stick their heads in the sand, the climate 
>>>>>>crisis will keep getting worse until we do 
>>>>>>something about it. The first step towards 
>>>>>>making that happen is ensuring that voters 
>>>>>>know where their elected officials stand on 
>>>>>>moving us towards a clean energy future.
>>>>>>So, I hope you’ll join us in signing this 
>>>>>>petition today and sharing it with your community.
>>>>>>Thank you for being an engaged, informed 
>>>>>>and valued member of our network.
>>>>>>Vanessa Kritzer
>>>>>>Online Campaigns Manager
>>>>>>League of Conservation Voters
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