[Rushtalk] Ron Paul just won't die

Carl Spitzer Winblows at lavabit.com
Sat Dec 1 21:46:20 MST 2012

On Sat, 2012-11-10 at 18:52 -0600, JD wrote:

> Well, that sets the election-throwing bar pretty high for us, dunnit?
> But I have faith in Our Leaders.  I expect none less that
> Snowe/Weicker or Santorum/Aiken.  There isn't an election made that
> the Formerly-G Op can't find a way to lose.

Perhaps its time the GOP joined the Whigs in oblivion and Americans
start over with the TEA Party and all the little third partys join to
destroy the government as it stands now in order to restore the rule of
law including over judges.

ObombA did not win erection, Trotskite RINO Mitt Romney threw the
election.  -- Rush Limbaugh
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