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                   by Barry Chamish

  We begin with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's mostly unknown ties
to Mitt Romney:

Romney and Netanyahu were brought together by a new endeavor, the Boston
Consulting Group. Each had been approached to act as a corporate advisor
for the firm. Romney was a recent honors graduate from Harvard with dual
degrees in law and business administration; Netanyahu, with an
architecture diploma in hand, had just enrolled in the Sloan School of
Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to pursue a
masters degree. 

Imagine that, Netanyahu in the late '70s worked with Romney, at Boston
Consulting, both holding corporate advisor positions at the new firm run
by one Ira Magaziner. The ties must have been deep because:

  "Romney said publicly he would make Israel his first visit destination
if elected President. (He) last visited Israel in January of 2011,
before he had formally declared his candidacy, and was hosted by Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his residence."

  Ira Magaziner was a member of the CFR...and both Romney and Netanyahu
would follow in his footsteps:


William Percy Maddox                      CFR/RS22
Ira Magaziner                             RS J


2803. NEMAN RICHARD A,, 1988 annual rpt
2804. NETANYAHU BENJAMIN,, 1988 annual rpt

 To quote the July '12 article on Netanyahu in Vanity Fair: "(Netanyahu)
projected similar Weltschmerz two years ago at the Council On Foreign
Relations, in New York." 


    Who better than Ron Paul to expose Mitt Romney's CFR membership? And
look at all the CFR grooming and control:

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu was spotted at MIT in 1973 and the grooming
began there when he was in his early twenties. After graduating, he
received a high paying job at Boston Consulting. His boss was Ira
Magaziner (CFR), later President Bill Clinton's (CFR) health advisor.
(Clinton later shoved the Oslo "peace" accord down Israel's throat.) But
he quit the job in 1979, returned to Israel, staring selling furniture
at the Rim company, then organized an anti-terror convention.
Inexplicably, the CFR sent a team of their biggest guns including George
Bush Sr., Richard Perle and George  Shultz to this unknown 27 year old's
get-together. Once the convention was over, Netanyahu returned to work
selling home furniture for three years until 1982, when Washington
Ambassador Moshe Arens invited him to be his deputy. He claimed the
choice was indirectly made by those who came to his convention and "were
with his performance." That means Bush and Shultz pressed Arens to bring
Bibi to Washington. From there, they pushed his career higher. In 1985,
Shultz chaired another anti-terror convention in Washington supposedly
organized by Netanyahu. By the time Bibi was UN Ambassador Schultz
visited him every time he was in New York, and that was often. 

 Now please kind readers, ask yourself: What are the odds that of the
two advisors of Ira Magaziner's new company, one would become the Prime
Minister of Israel, while, at the same time, the other would be running
for the American presidency? Come on now, one in a million, a billion?

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's Ehud Olmert was acquitted of major
corruption charges on Tuesday but convicted of breach of trust, a lesser
offence, in what was widely seen as a stunning victory for the former
prime minister.

   This was not Olmert's first escape from fraud charges leaving others
to shoulder the blame. In the late '80s, Olmert committed mass fraud as
co-Treasurer of the Likud Party. He was charged with the crime but only
his partner, Menachem Atzmon, sat in prison for over three years.
Olmert, apparently, paid his partner in crime well for taking the rap,
the consequences of which led to 9-11. Menachem Atzmon, former partner
of Ehud Olmert as Likud Co-Treasurer, convicted in Israel in 1996 for
campaign finance fraud, took over management of security at the Boston
and Newark airports when their company ICTS bought Huntleigh USA in
1999. UAL Flight 175 and AA 11, which struck the twin towers, both
originated in Boston, while UAL 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania,
departed from the Newark airport. This convicted Likud criminal's firm
was in charge of security at Logan Airport inspecting the validity of
passports and visas, searching cargo, screening passengers when two
airliners were hijacked from there on Sept. 11, 2001, and demolished the
World Trade Center towers in New York. Without Atzmon in charge of
Newark and Logan Airports, 9-11 could NOT HAVE HAPPENED. 

 Now, once again kind readers... What are the odds that a convicted
defrauder, just released from prison, would not only have the funds
available but that the Boston and Newark airports would choose this
crook to guard their security? In a normal world, the odds of this being
mere co-incidence would be what, one in a million, a billion?
 Israelis know or suspect that Netanyahu is controlled by America. They
just don't know who in America. Those Americans dumb or desperate enough
to vote Romney, might be rewarded with a CFR-groomed lackey. Into this
awful equation, we have ridiculously direct and suspicious ties between
Olmert's corruption and 9-11.
 You make the connections yourself as America loses its economic dignity
and Israelis face an impending missile war.


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