[Rushtalk] Supreme Court Justice Michelle Obama?

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If one has surrendered their license to practice 
law (which BOTH Obamas seem to have done), can 
that be rescinded for the purposes of serving on 
the bench? JD? Steve Laib? What's the word?

Supreme Court Justice Michelle Obama?

Posted on 
3, 2012


Chatting with a group backstage on the set of 
Jimmy Kimmel Live! in October, Michelle Obama 
made it clear that she wasn’t thinking about what 
she might do in the future. “I’m just looking 
ahead to getting Barack back in office and 
continuing the work he’s been doing,” she said. “Supporting him is my focus.”

But others think the first lady­who spent the 
past four years seeking to better the lives of 
military families and fighting to end childhood 
obesity before becoming one of the stars of her 
husband’s reelection effort this fall­could have 
bigger things ahead of her, if she so chooses. 
“Michelle is Superwoman. What can’t she do?” 
Samuel L. Jackson recently told Newsweek. “That’s 
why people love her. She can be on the Supreme 
Court and anywhere else she wants. She can be the 
president. She’s history and she’ll stay history 
because she is so amazingly smart and together.”

Jackson isn’t the only person thinking along 
these lines. “I’d love to see her get more into 
politics because it would be a breath of fresh 
air in D.C.,” says Democratic Rep. James Clyburn 
of South Carolina. “She’s honest and 
straightforward, which is not what you see in 
Washington much. She is exactly what we need around here.”

Yet therein lies the contradiction of Michelle 
Obama: a woman who is perhaps one of the most 
skilled politicians of our time seems to have 
little interest in pursuing politics herself. 
“Nothing she’s done indicates she wants more 
power on the national or international front,” 
says Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for 
American Women and Politics at Rutgers 
University. “Yet everyone else says she has to have it.”

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