[Rushtalk] Jamie Foxx: 'Great' to 'Kill all the White People' in New Film

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Mon Dec 10 10:30:44 MST 2012

         Needless to say, I hope this movie BOMBS:

Jamie Foxx Jokes: ‘Great’ to ‘Kill all the White People’ in New Film

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10, 2012

On Saturday Night Live, guest host Jamie Foxx 
told the amped-up crowd now in his new movie, 
Django Unchained, he gets to “kill all the white 
 How GREAT is that?” The live audience 
erupted in cheers and laughter. Foxx, who 
recently described President Obama as “our lord 
and savior,” then launched into a jaw-dropping 
monologue about the glories of President Obama 
and his newly-minted second term.

Click to view monologue


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