[Rushtalk] 'Study' Claims Fox News Viewers Have Average IQ of 80

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Izzat so?!? Well, then libtards have an even lower one, so there!

‘Study’ Claims Fox News Viewers Have Average IQ of 80

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10, 2012

This is dated December 4th ­ last Tuesday ­ but 
it’s just getting around now. I’ll reproduce the 
whole news release on the next page, but here’s the basic story.

The results of a 4 year study show that Americans 
who obtain their news from Fox News channel have 
an average IQ of 80, which represents a 20 point 
deficit when compared to the U.S. national 
average of 100. IQ, or intelligence quotient, is 
the international standard of assessing intelligence.

Researchers at The Intelligence Institute, a 
conservative non-profit group, tested 5,000 
people using a series of tests that measure 
everything from cognitive aptitude to common 
sense and found that people who identified 
themselves as Fox News viewers and ‘conservative’ 
had, on average, significantly lower intelligent 
quotients. Fox Viewers represented 2,650 members of the test group.

The press release has a name ­ “P. Nichols” ­ and 
a phone number attached, so I called. I got a 
call back from a 202 area code. Okay, Washington, 
D.C. Not clear why the press release is datelined 
“Birmingham Alabama” but okay. Oddly, the phone 
number turns out to be a free Google Voice number.

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