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Thu Dec 13 19:37:53 MST 2012

A Shift In The Blame Game?

For weeks, the media have been obsessing over polls showing that the 
public would overwhelmingly blame congressional Republicans if the 
country goes over the fiscal cliff and taxes go up dramatically next 
year. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out today questions the 
media's prevailing narrative.

If no deal is reached and the automatic tax hikes go into effect, 19% 
of the public would blame President Obama and the Democrats more, 
while 24% would blame Republicans more. But 56% of the public would 
blame both parties equally.

Suddenly no one has the advantage in the blame game. More 
importantly, it may reflect a shift in public opinion.

As the days pass and we get closer to the fiscal cliff, the public is 
paying more attention to this debate. While it's true that taxing the 
"rich" polls well, the American people strongly support spending cuts 
too. For example:

    * 67% of respondents in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll 
supported spending cuts.
    * 61% of voters in a Fox News poll released yesterday said that 
major spending cuts were necessary.
    * In a recent 
poll, 76% favored across-the-board spending cuts.

By the way, the Politico poll also found that 69% of Americans 
opposed raising taxes on small businesses that earn more than 
$250,000 a year. It was one of the few polls that asked about raising 
taxes on small businesses. This is a critical point because many 
small business owners pay their taxes as individuals, not as 
corporations. The income tax hikes currently under consideration 
would be a hard hit to these struggling job creators.

The Fox poll also asked voters, "Which do you think is the BEST way 
to deal with the country's budget problems?" Fifty-seven percent of 
registered voters said "mostly with cuts in government spending." 
Just 20% said "mostly with tax increases."

Speaker John Boehner held a press conference today. He firmly stood 
his ground against higher tax rates on small businesses and 
aggressively made the case that spending is the real problem.
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