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Tom Matiska tom.matiska at att.net
Fri Dec 14 10:21:47 MST 2012

I have a Census Bureau problem.

Part 1.....Back in the 90's the Census Bureau selected me(my address) for a mental health survey that included too many questions that were none of their business..... drug use.. alcohol use...etc... I refused, they tried hard to convince me my response was require by law, eventually they gave up.

Part 2....Seems a month or two back the U.S. Census Bureau again randomly selected me to participate in their "American Community Survey". They expect me to identify myself by name DOB, etc then answer questions. Many are benign housing-employment status, but some ask if any mental or emotional condition limits my ability to function. I think it is none of their business. They're not letting up this time. Repeated phone messages, mailings, and house visits continue. They are insisting "Title 13 United States Code" requires my participation and further action will be taken. 

Any good advice from the legal scholars on this list? I think I fulfilled my civic duty in the 2010 Census. Should I not answer at all? Selectively answer some questions? What is the worst they can do to me if I tell them to beat it.

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