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  December 20, 2012

and Heritage Testify on the Democratic Republic of the Congo

by Katie Nielsen
Heritage's James Carafano, right, testifies about the Democrat

Heritage's James Carafano, right, testifies about 
the Democratic Republic of the Congo alongside 
activist and actor Ben Affleck, left.

Heritage Foundation vice president James Carafano 
yesterday before the House Armed Services 
Committee about the ongoing security challenges 
facing the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On 
his same panel was none other than Ben Affleck. Yes, that Ben Affleck.

The African nation has a long history of 
instability, which has implications reaching far 
beyond its borders. Unfortunately, the Democratic 
Republic of the Congo suffers from both a corrupt 
and ineffective government and a corrupt and 
ineffective United Nations peacekeeping force.

“Although the U.S. does not have a direct 
national security interest in the DRC, it does 
have an interest in promoting stability and good 
experts Morgan Roach and Brett Schaefer explain. 
The Obama administration should take five steps, they write.

As the founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, 
Affleck’s activism in the DRC has helped bring 
awareness about the country’s instability and its 
consequences. The actor used his star power 
during yesterday’s hearing to argue that the 
administration should urge top-down reforms in the country.

While they disagreed on the exact solution, 
Carafano and Affleck both argued for important 
reforms in the DRC. Towards the end of the 
hearing, Affleck–who typically backs liberal 
causes–lightheartedly complained that he doesn’t 
have a Heritage membership: “The Heritage 
Foundation never offered me membership. It’s 
fitting that I’m on the far left of the panel.”

do you think is the best way to direct more 
public attention to lesser known causes?

the U.S. Was Right to Walk Away from
the U.N. Internet Agreement

To its great credit, the Obama administration has 
refused to sign on to a United Nations agreement 
that would have put more of the Internet under 
international governance and potentially 
curtailed the freedom that has allowed it to thrive.

This is consistent with 
Heritage Foundation scholars Brett Schaefer and 
James Gattuso recommended. It’s definitely 
encouraging that the U.S. took this same position.

The United Nations agreement, they argued, is 
deeply flawed. “At best, this is unnecessary, as 
the Internet is doing quite well under the 
current framework,” they explained. “At worst, 
the expansion will allow the U.N.­parent 
organization of the ITU (International 
Telecommunication Union) ­to stifle the Web.”

you think international organizations should play 
a greater role in regulating and managing the Internet?

and Fido May Have to Pay for Obamacare Too

Heritage Foundation investigative reporter 
Lachlan Markay 
a story recently that got people upset. The IRS 
recently ruled that some of the common devices 
used in veterinary offices will be hit be hit by 
Obamacare’s 2.3 percent device tax. In response, 
many of the manufacturers are expected to raise 
their prices, which will raise pet care costs for concerned owners.

A survey in January 2012 showed that 
than half  of 181 manufactures of medical devices 
said they would pass some or all of the tax on to 
their customers.  Among manufacturers here in 
North America, that number was even higher–58 
percent. According to the American Pet Products 
Association, Americans spent 
$13.5 billion on veterinary care in 2012.  This could rise under Obamacare.

The tax will not affect veterinary equipment that 
is used exclusively for treating animals. 
However, several medical devices are used in both 
doctors and veterinary offices, and these are subject to the tax.
do you think about this Obamacare tax?

Heritage Work of Note

    * An Obamacare Christmas surprise: The 
American public can expect a $571 billion 
increase in taxes, fees, penalties, and effects 
once Obamacare is fully implemented. To learn 
more about other Obamacare "surprises" be sure to 
read all the latest 
Foundation research on repealing Obamacare. And 
to get all the latest Heritage Foundation 
us on Facebook.

In Other News

    * The U.S. Deputy Secretary of State 
the handling of diplomatic security in Benghazi, 
Libya as “unacceptable” after the hearing 
concerning the 9/11 terrorist attacks concluded earlier this week.
    * Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) plans to hold a 
vote on his "Plan B" tax increase bill 
the Obama administration’s threat to veto his 
plan. The Obama administration wants a larger tax 
here to see what Heritage's sister organization, 
Heritage Action for America, thinks about "Plan B."
    * Retirees who are considered 
by the government may see their Medicare premiums rise in the near future.
    * The New York Stock Exchange 
it will be bought by IntercontinentalExchange for $8.2 billion.
    * Russian President Putin defended a proposed 
law by Russian parliament that would 
Americans  from adopting Russian 

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