[Rushtalk] WARNING: TEAR OFF THOSE OBAMA(that marxist occupying the white house) STICKERS NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE

Carl Spitzer Winblows at lavabit.com
Sat Dec 29 10:25:26 MST 2012

Carl F. Worden
November 9, 2012

So Snoopy, are you all giddy about another four years of Barack Obama?
Good for you! Now go right out to your car and yard and remove any
evidence that would make anyone believe you voted for Obama, because
when things turn butt-ugly bad for your neighbor who just got laid-off,
he or she is going to blame you.

The re-election of Barack Obama did take me by surprise. I actually bet
a prime rib dinner that Romney would win, and now I have to make it
good. My small sacrifice is nothing, however, compared to the
involuntary sacrifice so many Americans are now going to have to suffer
because of your vote. If you thought the foreclosure crisis was
gradually smoothing over, you are dead wrong. Expect another major
foreclosure crisis within 18 months because your fellow Americans are
going to be defaulting on their home loans right and left following
their job losses due to ObamaCare and an economy that will continue to
deteriorate. The people this affects are going to blame you, and I fully
expect a certain amount of violence to be directed at those who voted
for Obama within the next two years.

It doesn't matter why you voted for Obama. Maybe you young women wanted
to continue to kill your own unborn babies because you wanted to
continue having unmarried sex without the consequences. (You are going
straight to Hell, by the way) Maybe you have a gay son who wants to
marry his high school coach. (He's going strainght to Hell as well)
Maybe you bought the BS that the rich needed to be taught a lesson about
sharing. (That happens to be a sin under the Tenth Commandment) Maybe
you really don't think the American economy is in all that bad of shape,
and that just printing up more paper money will keep us all afloat. It
doesn't matter why, and you can try to explain it away all day if you
like, but to the neighbor next door who is about to lose his/her job,
you are Satan himself. Think about it.

What happened November 6, 2012 indicated a tipping point in America that
hadn't been recognized entirely until the returns came in that night. We
knew it was getting bad out there, in terms or moral turpitude, but few
of us (except the guy I lost the bet to) saw this coming. Frankly, it
was inconceivable to me that this election was even close. It still is,
and I still haven't got my mind completely wrapped around it. I didn't
realize how committed at least 50% of our population was to perversions.
Those who voted for Obama literally voted for "rights" that placed them
in direct enmity with God himself, and they couldn't care less. But they

So enjoy your victory, but be sure to destroy any evidence you voted to
retain Obama. You'll be very glad you did. 

ObombA did not win erection, Trotskite RINO Mitt Romney threw the
election.  -- Rush Limbaugh
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