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Classless and clueless.  Left or right, say what you want about the pollies
but leave the families alone.

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>  *American Pie Actor Targets Ann Romney in New Sexual Tweets**by Steven
> Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 8/31/12 4:03 PM
> *Fresh from his grossly sexual tweets attacking pro-life Vice
> Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his wife Janna, American Pie actor
> Jason Biggs is not targeting Ann Romney, wife of the presidential nominee.
>  [image: []]
> <>On
> Wednesday, Biggs sent out two very crude sexually<>suggestive tweets late last night attacking pro-life vice-presidential
> candidate Paul Ryan and his wife Janna. While Republicans are accused of a
> so-called War on Women because of their pro-life positions, liberal actors
> like Biggs actually engage in one.
> Following massive outrage and criticism on Twitter, Biggs has switched his
> target to Anny Romeny in a vulgar tweet also referring to her sexually.
> “How dare you ignore Ann Romney’s a­­. Ur un-American,” one tweeter
> responded to his earlier tweets. Biggs replied, “Sorry ur right. I bet hers
> is un-bleached and hairy.”
> Biggs followed up the comment with an attack on Christians and Republicans
> following the Clin Eastwood comic routine at the GOP convention: “Clint
> Eastwood talking to a non-responsive stool sorta sums up Christianity in a
> nutshell, huh Republicans? #RNC”
> After that Biggs, went after Janna Ryan once more in a vulgar tweet
> quoting his wife, saying, “People are cheering off screen because Janna
> Ryan is showing her tits! #RNC”
>  [image: []]
> <>
> Conservatives on Twitter responding to the Tweets are contacting
> Nickelodeon to have the station fire Biggs from his next project. The actor
> currently has an upcoming projecting doing the voice-over for Nickelodeon’s
> “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot, which is set to premiere at the end
> of September. However, people outraged about Bigg’s comments are calling on
> Nickelodeon to cancel his performance.
> *
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