Why Mitt Romney is unlikable

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Mon Sep 3 11:40:46 MDT 2012

On 9/1/2012 4:39 PM, John A. Quayle wrote:
> *Subject: *Fw: Why Mitt Romney is unlikable
>     A lot is being said in the media about Mitt Romney not being "likable"
>     or that he doesn't "relate well" to people.

I have long felt that if the Republicans, or the Romney campaign, or 
some third party went after obama's likeability, his support would fall 
like a house of cards.  We are always told that his job approval numbers 
are in the toilet, but he remains well-liked.  We are also told that 
obama is a "nice guy," but in reality he is not.  He is not much more 
than a petty political thug, and probably the most vindictive and 
condescending President we have ever had.  It would have to be done very 
carefully, but knocking down obama's likeability numbers should be easy 
to do.

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