"Dead voters".....a chronological history of list maintenance failure

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In the 1990's our County Jury Commissioner was using voter registration rolls to pick jurors. That practice exposed that many names on the voter rolls were not living current residents. When I received my great aunt's jury duty notice in '93 I straightened things out with the Jury Commissioner first, then had fun at voter registration. I got evasive non-answers and everything but an explanation why she hadn't been purged
The problem has been getting worse since Pennsylvania passed the 1993 Motor Voter Law.
The intent was to make it easier for minorities  and elderly to register to vote  when renewing their Drivers License(the same DL or ID process tdisenfranchisesnchiases  minorities and elderly).   The law also made it more difficult to purge inacitve or dead voters. 
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Subject: [RUSHTALK] "Dead voters".....a chronological history of list maintenance failure
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Overall, the trend is in the wrong direction......

2009 was a good year.  The rest of the years show a steady increase in the number of deceased NOT removed.


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