Queen of Cocaine is Dead

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At 11:08 PM 9/4/2012, Richard Whitenight wrote:
>Colombia's 'Queen of Cocaine' shot to death
>This undated Florida Department of Corrections booking mug shows 
>Griselda Blanco. Blanco, ...
>Tue Sep 4, 11:58 PM UTC
>Griselda Blanco, a convicted drug trafficker who was once known as 
>the "Godmother" and the "Queen of Cocaine," has been shot to death 
>by an unidentified gunman, police in Colombia said Tuesday.
>Col. Mauricio Cartagena of Medellin's metropolitan police said 
>Tuesday that the 69-year-old was killed at a butcher shop in the 
>city on Monday.
>Cartagena said a man approached Blanco at the shop and fired before 
>escaping on a motorcycle driven by another man. She died on her way 
>to the hospital.
>He said the police hadn't identified a firm motive for the killing.
>"We don't know why they killed her, but the first hypothesis would 
>be revenge or a settling of accounts," Cartagena said, referring to 
>her past involvement in drug trafficking. Blanco had no charges 
>pending against her in her native Colombia, he added.
>Blanco was among the first Colombian women to traffic cocaine to the 
>United States in the 1970s and 1980s. She had been deported back to 
>Colombia in 2004 after serving nearly 20 years behind bars in the 
>United States for drug trafficking and three drug-related killings.
>She served three concurrent sentence after pleading no contest in 
>1998 to second-degree murder charges. Authorities said Blanco 
>arranged three contract killings in 1982 that took the lives of 
>toddler Johnny Castro, 2, and drug dealers Alfredo and Grizel Lorenzo.
>The child died when bullets meant for his father, Jesus Castro, hit 
>the boy instead, police said. She already had been serving prison 
>time for cocaine trafficking when she entered her plea in the killings.
>U.S. authorities have described Blanco as a charter member of the 
>"cocaine cowboys" who engaged in drug trafficking, contract killings 
>and gangland shootouts in South Florida in the 1980s. She was also 
>once known for her love of shopping and beauty salons.
>Blanco was reportedly a fan of the film "The Godfather," naming one 
>of her sons Michael Corleone, the name of the character played by Al 
>Pacino in the film.
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